Ways to Start Scrapbook

Definition of Scrapbook

Scrapbook is in fact the book with blank pages where the cuttings of newspapers, pictures or mementos, maps, travel tickets and leaflets etc can be attached.

Today everyone has the pictures boxes, computer files, disks that are full of photos. Although the digital cameras have made it so easy for people to take the photographs but unfortunately the most of the pictures are left in computer folders that are not printed out.

Scrapbook is a mean to have the record and show that to others whenever needed, add a meaning and a reality to the photos, to demonstrate your thoughts.

Ways to Start Scrapbook

Arrange the pictures.
A scrapbook could have movie tickets, party favors, programs, pictures, and invitations. In fact anything that could lay down smoothly when the scratch book is closed. So arrange all these items properly.
Choose a catchy theme for scrapbook.
Secondly choose the specific themes, it could be like a scrapbook about the travel experiences, or a family life experiences scrapbook which covers a vast range of experiences. The subcategories of family scratch book could be first job, birthdays, Christmas, special events, graduation, weddings, a new baby, new home etc.

Select an album with appropriate size.
Consider about the size of the album in addition to the designs and patterns. The quantity of content must not only be kept in mind but the sense of the theme as well. For instance, an attractive little book will be more suitable thematically for the children scrapbook than a huge, bulky hard covering book.

Decorate the pages.
Finally write down the essential details related to the incidents described in the pages of the scrapbook and then write them all. The details can be written in the form of poems, stories, phrases, and some catchy quotes that could make the story more vibrant. The embellishment could include ribbons, stickers, stamps and clipboard pieces.