SCRAPBOOKING – collecting your memories!

Collecting your memories and gathering them is a wonderful idea! Years later, you can look at them and cherish all these years you have spent. An easy way of doing this is making a scrapbook.
You put together all those beautiful moments captured, add them descriptions as you may have always captioned in your mind.
Scrapbooking is not just about putting together all your memories through clicks. Anything that may remind you of your good times or witnesses your existence can be a part of your book.
People often stick their special invitation cards, visiting cards given to them by someone special, a ticket to a movie or a ride maybe. It has been just about whatever can be put in the book and it can be closed easily.
Most interestingly, you can set color schemes for your scrapbook. You can do it in your favorite color. Or while gifting it to your special one, you can always follow a theme they may appreciate.
Scrapbook can be used as a gift. You can do a book for your friends, as their birthday gifts or otherwise. You can stick all those crinkled notes you and your friend used to exchange during lectures, those funny face pictures, sleepover marshmallow wrappers that you may have saved up till now and a lot more.
It can be a good option for mother’s day or any other special day. You bring together all those lovely emotions and thoughts buried, and make your family and folks feel exceptional.
Another of an exciting motivation for doing a scrapbook is how you describe that event you witnessed. A stamp stuck in the book may be a good memory of letters exchange for you, and for those who sent you the letters may go all nostalgic just by looking at it.
It is all about valuing your loved ones, and making them realize what they mean to you.