Scrapbooking – a Fun way to keep Memories

For people who love keeping and storing memories of events, people and places, scrapbooking is a great way to keep your memories intact. It involves using all sorts of items from pictures to memorabilia just to design a special book filled with memories. The albums are often well decorated and they can be great to look at as you take a trip down memory lane. Many people around the world actually regard this practice as a favorite pastime.
The history of scrapbooking dates as far back as the 15th Century when people in England felt it was a good way to pile up information and store it. They would often get together poems, letters, nice quotations, interesting short stories, recipes and whatever else they felt they needed to store. Then they would get all these and compile them in some kind of book. Each book was designed in a manner that the owner of the book felt was suitable to him or her. These books are what are known today as yearbooks where people make additions to a book depending on what the owner wants. This is usually for purposes of keeping memories of life in school with friends intact.
Today, scrapbooking has become a very mainstream idea and many people are taking part in it. To create a good book for this practice, all you need is an album or the book itself and pages onto which you can attach the various items you would like to add. You can have a mini album with fold-out albums or you can have other books with different designs, shapes and colours. Whatever the book looks like will depend on your taste and how well you want to design the book. This concept has become mainstream that there is even a digital version where you can scan items onto a digital album and still have them look like the physical albums.