On Scrap booking…

Life is full of different events that are constantly changing and this is actually the dynamic nature of life. Preservation of memories can be easy as well as a difficult task. One way to preserve memory is to take the assistance of digital technology. But is it safe? Certainly not! Once there is some virus or malware issue, your entire memory device is washed. Online data storage sites are also there but still there are hacking issues and there is also a chance of losing your password. Many people save their memories in the form of scrap book and this method is commonly called as scrapbooking. This article will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of this method of preservation of memories. After reading this overview you shall be able to decide about scrapbooking your memories.
First advantage of making a scrap book is that you can show your memory to others regardless of an internet connection or a tab. This is in the form of a timeline. Different software programs are also there that organizes your routine but this method of preserving your pictures is more effective as it gives a summary type of information. Second advantage is that there is no fear of losing your album. The scrapbooking involves the use of some comments or writing the year along your pictures. You cannot do this in the case of the online album making. Third advantage is that you can easily carry this to some place. Data storing devices also offers the same feature but the virus encryption can lead to worse results. Most of the children and some teen agers fill the scrapbooks with photographs and write some comments. However scrapbooking has some disadvantages. It occupies a lot of space and it looks awkward. Hence it can be concluded that making scrap books is a good hobby.