A beautiful way to keep memories

Scrapbooking is a widely popular way to keep memories and photos that you can look back on time and time again. Children from a young age are encouraged to keep photos, ticket stubs and artwork so they can add them to their collection and look back on them in years to come. This hobby is kept by a lot of people who continue to make scrapbooks through their entire life. Scrapbooks are even passed on through families, so memories of grandparents can be given to grandchildren who can then contribute to the scrapbook themselves. This way children can learn about their families personal life, see photos of their parents being born, going to their first day of school and getting married. Keeping a family scrapbook is a good way of learning about your family history.

Giving someone a personalized scrapbook as a gift is thoughtful and meaningful. This unique gift can be filled with memories of you and the person you are giving the gift too, whether is be a friend, loved one or family member. You can add in personal days the two of you spent together, whether it be the old days in school, birthdays celebrated, holidays spend together or an anniversary of a special day.

There is also a more modern and environmentally friendly want to create a scrapbook. By looking online you can easily find many websites that allow you to create ‘E-Scrapbooks’. By scanning in photos, posters, magazine cut outs and ticket stubs you can make a scrapbook that has the same meaning, without the mess! By creating a scrapbook online you can send it safely to someone who may be living abroad or travelling. Alternatively you can create your own personal scrapbook and instead of storing it at home, you can store it on your laptop.