5 Steps of Scrapbooking

The scrapbook is an ornamented photo album. It saves the related stories also at the back the photos which is called journaling. The scrapbook can keep the tickets, letters and the certificates. So it is in fact collecting photos, stories and memorabilia. It could be a family album or a little album of themes for various occasions such as vacations, birthday parties etc.
In Scrapbooking the pictures can be preserved safely and beautifully by the papers with acid-free and lignin-free materials. The accessories which are available now provide options of doing creative works like scrapbooking.

5 Steps of Scrapbooking

1. Categorize the photos
The first important step is to categorize and organize the photos quickly. Because the scrapbooking is about the displaying of photos.
Categorize the file folders; just write down only one category for each folder:
• Relatives
• Family
• Friends
• Birthday celebration
• Wedding ceremony
• Graduation
• Baby birthday
• Baptism
• Holiday
2. Select some inspirational theme
The second step is to select an inspiring theme for the scrapbook. This step is all about the creativity. Whether any moment that gave you inspiration in life, you can paste the pictures. The best thing about the scrapbooking is its themes which are endless.

3. Start with the basic sources available
Before starting, you will need some basic supplies available at home.

• The glue sticks
• The album with a sheet protector
• The Trimmers
• The markers
• The Scissors

• colored cardstock
• themed pages for scrapbook
• the scale
• oval stencil
• decorative items

4. Create scrapbook pages with an amazing application
Having the basic supplies on hand and the inspirational themes as well, now all is needed to create fun appealing pages.

5. Put in your personal flavor
The last step is to put in your personal touch.