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Ways to Start Scrapbook

Definition of Scrapbook Scrapbook is in fact the book with blank pages where the cuttings of newspapers, pictures or mementos, maps, travel tickets and leaflets etc can be attached. Today everyone has the pictures boxes, computer files, disks that are full of photos. Although the digital cameras have made it so easy for people to take the photographs but unfortunately the most of the pictures are left in computer folders that are not printed out. […]

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SCRAPBOOKING – collecting your memories!

Collecting your memories and gathering them is a wonderful idea! Years later, you can look at them and cherish all these years you have spent. An easy way of doing this is making a scrapbook. You put together all those beautiful moments captured, add them descriptions as you may have always captioned in your mind. Scrapbooking is not just about putting together all your memories through clicks. Anything that may remind you of your good […]

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